barry university/ web

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In a pitch to Barry University, I examined where they were falling flat when it came to getting their admissions up. Web was a big problem. When searching for that 'home away from home,' high school students hit the internet first. When a campus is too far away to visit, this is the best (and sometimes only) impression a student can get. As a wholesome Catholic university, their current webpage wasn't allowing them to put their best foot forward. To solve this problem, I introduced a clean design-- a crisp white background, open and modern typeface, lots of room for images, and over all-- great user friendliness (even for the moms of those prospective students!) 

Next, we took a look at how to transform the university from the inside-out. Barry is a small school, but a very tight knit community. How can we use this to our advantage and get prospective students interested in becoming part of that Barry family? We came up with a slogan that encompassed the school and experience as a whole-- 'Barry Built'. Students are who they are because they were shaped by their university. Current students would use this new slogan as not only a rally cry, but as a hashtag-- not only on colligate sweatshirts and t-shirts, but also on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

To encourage the take off and raise the allure, we launched a mircosite housing all of Barry's social media in one place. Barry takes an interest in every one of its students-- so let's feature their tweets, Instagram shots, and Facebook comments. We can get high school students an inside look from all different perspectives before even visiting the campus.